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Hair Replacement Systems Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Take back your confidence! Using state of the art technology and our Non-surgical techniques, barbers at Rakish Fellow are able to provide men with the highest quality service and appearance in the Florida Panhandle region. We use the most technologically advanced Replacement units on the market, made of 100% human hair, for a perfectly natural appearance and nearly undetectable hairline.

Investing in a hair replacement unit can solve your male pattern baldness problems overnight! Everyone thinks they can spot a man wearing a hairpiece a mile away. This is due to the stigma that comes along with early replacement units. The first units to hit the market where to say the least, primitive. They were made up of heavy synthetic materials and the construction methods where very basic. This made them easily recognizable. Truth is, with the latest advances in hair these systems are virtually impossible to detect.

Luckily for you gentlemen, times have changed in the hair replacement industry. Thanks to modern science, a better understanding of hair growth, system construction and more advanced materials, we are now able to use a near undetectable product. Keep in mind, not all replacement units are of high quality. You can come across cheap variations online but the cheaper it is, the cheaper it will look.

What are the benefits to having a hair replacement unit? First, it is much more affordable than a surgical procedure and you will not have to undergo a series of operations. Not to mention it is pain free. With this non-surgical method you will see immediate results! Can I go out on windy days, perform daily activities or swim? Why yes you can! Our physically bonded systems can be worn on windy days or while enjoying a nice sunny day in the pool. We use the highest quality bonding agents to ensure a stress free experience.

When it comes to getting started we make it easy. The process may seem daunting but all you have to do is show up and let us get to work. The first step would be contacting us at Rakish Fellow to set up a consultation. The consultation is the time to have any lingering questions you may have answered. The consultation will provide us with a game plan to move forward. We will help you pick the best system to fit your needs. This includes your choice of base membrane, color matching, density and the correct level of wave or curl.

Bear in mind, you are not alone on this journey. You are just one of millions of men looking for a proper solution. We operate with full discretion, we offer special hours to ensure complete privacy. Don’t hesitate, take back your confidence!