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Why Our Beard Oil Is Better

Why our beard elixir is better than other beard oils.

Yo whats up fellow beardsman and beard loving women! In this post I’m going to hook you up with the dirty details of the beard oil world. You will learn the shady techniques our competitors use but you will also learn the benefits, science and knowledge we have poured into our beard elixirs!

First things first

My business partner and I have been professional barbers for years and have been fully committed to the mens grooming industry! What I mean by this is we are barbershop owners, managers, full-time barbers, product producers, health nuts, and possibly insane workaholics. We have realized that the people of our country are quickly moving to a more health conscious mindset. We are what we consume people! Anyways, this is one bandwagon we didn’t want to miss out on. So we teamed up with our awesome product guru to create elegant yet clean hair and beard products. Through hard work, resilience, and an amazing crew we are slowly achieving greatness. We take great pride and care in our all natural products, plus we know what we are talking about!

The meat of it all

Now i can get to why our beard oil, aka beard elixir is better. The dirty details can be a bit dull but knowledge is power and power is awesome. Have you heard the word adulteration? just in case you haven’t I’ll explain it to you. Adulteration refers to mixing matter of an inferior quality and sometimes harmful quality, with another matter greater in quality. If i take high quality matter “A” and mix in low quality matter “B”, matter “A” has become adulterated and is now impure. Got that? A majority of the time, company’s that mix matter “A” with matter “B” will still label it matter “A.” Sadly they always get away with it. If you are reading this i’m sure you have watched the YouTube videos and read all the blogs you can find on beard oil, but i bet you have not found one that touches on this subject. That’s because these company’s don’t want you to know this. Yet you need to know this, at least that’s the way we see it. In 2015 the essential oil market was valued at 3.65 billion dollars with an estimated growth of 9% by 2024. cha-ching! We all know people and corporations will do anything to maximize profits. When money like this can be made, adulteration is guaranteed to be found. luckily there are many universities and government-funded programs to detect this. Which aids us in choosing the best possible essential oils for our beard elixir. Unfortunately these adulterated essential oils are still allowed to be sold on the market and our competitors take full advantage of it. What does this mean?

What’s the meat mean?

These company’s can make a killing adulterating the oils and undercutting the market. There are multiple methods in doing this. Method 1; using dilutants such as Abitol, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate, Dipropylene Glycol and many more. I don’t want that sh*t on my face, do you? These dilutant”s are much cheaper and can make up to 15% of the beard oil. Method b; adding cheaper, lower quality essential oils to the more expensive, higher Quality essential oils. In turn it costs them less to produce and they can sell for less undercutting the market and continuing to make the same profits. Many asian country’s have been caught using these methods, especially china. Ever heard the term sh*t rolls down hill? China produces a form of all the most popular essential oils. I guarantee all the largest beard oil and beard product suppliers are using these oils. I know of small company’s that do this as well but ill just keep they’re name out my mouth. When they are producing and selling these beard oils at such high quantities they will save tons of cheddar by buying these much cheaper adulterated essential oils. In turn they tell you that you are buying these beard oils with all these awesome essential oils in them. Reality is, a large portion of these beard oils and the crap in it is not listed. You truly have no clue what you are buying or putting on your face. Funk that noise, some of these beard oils are expensive!

Why Our Beard Elixir Is Better

We have done countless hours of research on this topic. Studying adulteration detection techniques, which countries are producing these oils, most common adulterated oils and much more. We choose carefully when deciding which essential oils to use in our beard elixirs. Things we look for first; where it is produced, the country’s credibility, quality level, if its organic, if adulteration detection has been utilized in the region, the distributors credibility, and lastly cost. Cost plays a very small role in our decision-making, we will never sacrifice quality or honesty to save a couple bucks. I can dive deeper into the science but i know for damn sure y’all will stop reading this, because its boring and i have already done it too much. Trust me when i say we could be saving a ton of dough if we just joined the herd and sold adulterated products. But that’s not us, that’s not rakish fellow. I am speaking the truth, with my chin held high, when i say, “we care about our customers more than we care about they’re money.” Our mission was to produce the best possible product at an affordable price. ladies and gentlemen we have done it. We have created A high quality, all natural, un-adulterated beard oil and we have done it for you! please feel free to do your own research, try and prove me wrong. We love this industry and we love our customers. We do our best to better both! Try our beard elixir, the quality in undeniable.