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About us

Why choose Rakish Fellow?

Rakish Fellow sets the standard for what a barber shop should be. A haven for those who want a sharp haircut, a close shave and an unrivaled experience. Our barbers use traditional techniques with a twist of modern style to craft the perfect look.
The Rakish Fellow product line was engineered by barbers to give you exactly what you need. We grew tired of seeing people buy great marketing but less than quality products. We offer luxury quality, small batch, natural alternatives to the mainstream brands. Everyday in the barbershop we hear what people want to get out of their products; that's what gives us the edge that sets us apart.

Meet the Crew

What Clients Say

Chrissy and Cameron are welcoming. I always enjoy my visit and get the best service. The cost is a little more than other venues but you get what you pay for, professional barbers who are serious about their trade. My wife prefers me to go there because of the great quality of work and how great they treat her when she comes in. I would rather not get a haircut than go anywhere else. Love the new place too!
Jeremy Meng
I’ve been seeing Crissie and Cam for haircuts for over a year now and they always give the haircut you want, every time. They always have good music playing, great conversations, and a good vibe going. They have their own beard and hair products handmade in the shop and its price is comparable to generic hair products you can get anywhere. Crissie and Cam have their own unique style and trade and you won’t be disappointed with their professional haircuts, beard trims, etc.
Addison Baker